Our Organization Strengths

Focus and Clarity of Objectives

As a firm, we are solely focused on equity investing globally.

As analysts, we seek to identify a select number of high-conviction opportunities that will generate outsized returns over the next 3-5 years. 


Our team consists of a diverse group of highly motivated and accomplished investors from eclectic backgrounds.

Each analyst possesses a distinctive combination of specialized industry expertise and global cross-border experience, which leads us to evaluate information from a differentiated perspective and to draw differentiated conclusions.

We work as a team. Culture is everything.


Our process is derived from time-tested principles of fundamental intrinsic-value investing, complemented by our experience and global cross-border perspective.  We evaluate opportunities from a fundamental long-term perspective as potential owners of the business.

Aligned Interests

As owners of the business, we are a performance-driven organization in which our interests and assets are solely aligned with our clients.